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About Whitman Publishing Whitman Publishing is the leading producer of numismatic reference books, supplies, and products to display and store coins and paper money. Our high-quality books educate readers in the rich, colorful history of American and world coinage, paper currency, tokens, and medals, and teach how to build great collections. Archival-quality Whitman folders, albums, cases, and other holders assist in keeping collectibles safe and allow them to be shown off to friends and family. Whitman is also the home of H.E. Harris postage stamp collecting supplies, including: albums, supplements, kits, books, and more.

Our Products Whitman Publishing has been in the numismatic and philatelic publishing field for almost 90 years. Our flagship titles have been the “Bibles” of the hobby since 1942 (the Blue Book) and 1946 (the Red Book). Whitman’s coin boards, folders, and albums have organized and displayed hundreds of thousands of coin collections for generations. Today we continue this long tradition with new products and publications, and the same dedication to accuracy, quality, innovations, and solid research. We design our products to appeal to all collectors for their personal collections or to be given as gifts to all ages.

Our Customers Whitman Publishing strives to meet the needs of our customers. Our customers range from the new collector just entering the hobby to advanced collectors with years of experience. Our team has a mission to maintain life-long, valuable relationships with our customers to deliver value-added service with the highest level of quality.

2020 Handbook of United States Coins - Blue Book Hard Cover


2020 Handbook of United States Coins - Blue Book Hard Cover

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NEW inside the 77th edition: a 16-page full-color feature, “America’s Patriotic Silver Coins of World War II”!
Coin collecting in America changed forever in 1942. That’s the year the Handbook of United States Coins debuted. It was the hobby’s first unbiased, authoritative resource showing how much coin dealers were paying on average to buy U.S. coins by type, date, and mintmark.
The groundbreaking new book was an immediate hit, popular with dealers and collectors alike. For 77 years coin dealers have used the OFFICIAL BLUE BOOK® (as it came to be known) to make buying offers. As a collector, you can use it to find out how much your coins are worth!
The Blue Book’s price listings offer a real-world look at the rare-coin market, gathered from dealers around the country. The new 77th edition includes updated prices, special features, and many new photographs.
Learn about colonial and early American coins, federal coins (half cents through gold double eagles), old and new commemoratives, Proof sets, die varieties, private and territorial gold coins, tokens, the newest Presidential and American Innovation dollars, National Park quarters, bullion coins, and other United States Mint products.
More than 25,000 prices in multiple grades. Easy-to-follow coin-grading instructions. Coins and tokens from the 1600s to today. Historical information. Hundreds of detailed, actual-size photos. How to start a coin collection. Detailed mintage records, and much more.

“The BLUE BOOK gives collectors and dealers a single, unbiased source of detailed information and wholesale prices for every U.S. coin series. If you own coins and you wonder ‘How much will a dealer pay for them?’ you need a copy of the BLUE BOOK.”
— Q. David Bowers, past president of the American Numismatic Association, author of The Expert’s Guide to Collecting and Investing in Rare Coins

304 pages. Black-and-white, with a full-color feature section. More than 900 illustrations. By R. S. Yeoman. Senior Editor Jeff Garrett; Research Editor Q. David Bowers; Editor Emeritus Kenneth Bressett. Classic blue library-quality hardcover.