Higley or Granby Coppers

Dr. Samuel Higley owned a private copper mine near Granby, Connecticut. He worked the mine as an individual, smelting his own ore and making his own dies for the coins that he issued. After his death in 1737 his brother John continued the coinage.

The Higley coppers were never officially authorized. All the tokens were made of pure copper. There were seven obverse and four reverse dies. The first issue, in 1737, bore the legend THE VALUE OF THREEPENCE. After a time, the quantity exceeded the local demand, and a protest arose against the stated value of the piece. Higley, a resourceful individual, promptly created a new design, still with the Roman III, but with the inscription VALUE ME AS YOU PLEASE. On the reverse appeared the words I AM GOOD COPPER. Electrotypes and casts exist.

Higley or Granby Coppers
Higley or Granby Coppers

Higley or Granby Coppers

Grade Price Guide
  • Description
  • Mintage
  • AG A. Good. A. Good.
  • G Good. Good.
  • VG V. Good. V. Good.
  • F Fine. Fine.
  • VF V. Fine. V. Fine.
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