Coinage of 1670

The coinage of 1670 consisted of silver 5 and 15 sols and copper 2 deniers (or “doubles”). A total of 200,000 of the 5 sols and 40,000 of the 15 sols was struck at Paris. Nantes was to have coined the copper, but did not; the reasons for this may never be known, since the archives of the Nantes Mint before 1700 were destroyed. The only known specimen is a pattern struck at Paris. The silver coins were raised in value by a third in 1672 to keep them circulating, but in vain. They rapidly disappeared, and by 1680 none were to be seen. Later they were restored to their original values. This rare issue should not be confused with the common 1670-A 1/12 ecu with reverse legend SIT. NOMEN. DOMINI. BENEDICTUM.

The 1670-A double de l’Amerique Fran?oise was struck at the Paris Mint along with the 5- and 15-sols denominations of the same date. All three were intended to circulate in France’s North American colonies. Probably due to an engraving error, very few 1670-A doubles were actually struck. Today, only one is known to survive.

Coinage of 1670
Coinage of 1670

Coinage of 1670

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