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Grant Memorial

(1922) Grant Memorial

This coin was struck during 1922 as a centenary souvenir of Ulysses S. Grant’s birth. An incuse (recessed) star that appeared on the first issues was later removed, creating a second variety. The star has no particular significance. The reverse shows the frame house in Point Pleasant, Ohio, where Grant was born on April 27, 1822. Laura Gardin Fraser designed both the Grant half dollar and gold dollar.

(1922) Grant Memorial
(1922) Grant Memorial

(1922) Grant Memorial

Like the half-dollar commemorative coins, the gold dollars were first issued with a star, which was removed for the later issues. The designs by Laura Gardin Fraser are the same as for the half-dollar coinage.

Coin Attributes

  • Design Years: 1922
    Designer: Laura Gardin Fraser
    Weight: 1.672 grams
    Diameter:15 mm
    • 0.9000 gold, 0.1000 copper
    Edge: reeded
Grade Price Guide
  • Description
  • Mintage
  • AU-50 About Uncirculated. About Uncirculated.
  • MS-60 Uncirculated. Uncirculated.
  • MS-62 Choice Unc.. Choice Unc..
  • MS-63 Choice Uncirculated. Choice Uncirculated.
  • MS-64 Very Choice Unc.. Very Choice Unc..
  • MS-65 Gem Uncirculated. Gem Uncirculated.
  • MS-66 Gem Unc.. Gem Unc..
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