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Hawaiian Sesquicentennial

(1928) Hawaiian Sesquicentennial

(1928) Hawaiian Sesquicentennial
(1928) Hawaiian Sesquicentennial

(1928) Hawaiian Sesquicentennial

This issue was struck to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the arrival on the Hawaiian Islands of Captain James Cook in 1778. The design was sketched by Juliette May Fraser of Honolulu and executed by Chester Beach. Captain Cook is shown on the obverse and a native chief on the reverse. The coins were distributed in 1928 and sold for $2 each, the highest initial sale price up to that time.

Coin Attributes

  • Designer: Juliette M. Fraser
    Weight: 12.500 grams
    Diameter:30.6 mm
    • 0.9000 silver, 0.1000 copper
    Edge: reeded
Grade Price Guide
  • Description
  • Mintage
  • AU-50 About Uncirculated. About Uncirculated.
  • MS-60 Uncirculated. Uncirculated.
  • MS-62 Choice Unc.. Choice Unc..
  • MS-63 Choice Uncirculated. Choice Uncirculated.
  • MS-64 Very Choice Unc.. Very Choice Unc..
  • MS-65 Gem Uncirculated. Gem Uncirculated.
  • MS-66 Gem Unc.. Gem Unc..
  • PF-60 PF-60. PF-60.
  • PF-63 Choice Proof. Choice Proof.
  • PF-64 Gem Proof. Gem Proof.
  • PF-65 Gem Proof. Gem Proof.
  • PF-66 Gem Proof. Gem Proof.
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