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Los Angeles Olympiad

(1983 - 1984) Los Angeles Olympiad

(1983 - 1984) Los Angeles Olympiad
(1983 - 1984) Los Angeles Olympiad

(1983 - 1984) Los Angeles Olympiad

Three distinctive coins were issued to commemorate the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games. The silver dollar dated 1983 was designed by Elizabeth Jones, chief engraver of the Mint. On the obverse is a representation of the traditional Greek discus thrower inspired by the ancient work of the sculptor Myron. The reverse depicts the head and upper body of an American eagle.

The 1984 Olympic silver dollar was designed by Robert Graham, an American sculptor who created the controversial headless sculpture placed at the entrance to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The obverse depicts Graham’s sculpture with the coliseum in the background. The reverse features an American eagle.

The commemorative gold coin minted for the 1984 Olympics was the first U.S. gold piece issued in more than 50 years. The weight, size, and fineness are the same as for the previous ten-dollar coin, issued in 1933: weight, 16.718 grams; composition, .900 gold, .100 copper (net weight, .4837 oz. pure gold). It is the first coin ever to bear the W mintmark for West Point. The obverse depicts two runners bearing the Olympic torch aloft, and was designed by John Mercanti from a concept by James Peed, an artist at the Mint. The eagle on the reverse is modeled after that on the Great Seal.

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