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XXV Olympiad

(1992) XXV Olympiad

(1992) XXV Olympiad
(1992) XXV Olympiad

(1992) XXV Olympiad

The XXV Olympiad held Winter Olympic games in Albertville and Savoie, France, and Summer Olympic games in Barcelona, Spain. United States commemorative coins were issued to honor the participation of American athletes and to finance their training. Competitive designs were selected from 1,107 entries.

The clad half dollar obverse, designed by Mint sculptor-engraver William Cousins, depicts a gymnast in motion. The reverse, by Steven M. Bieda, has the inscription CITIUS, ALTIUS, FORTIUS (the Olympic motto: “Faster, Higher, Stronger”) with an olive branch crossing the Olympic torch.

The 1992 Olympic silver dollar obverse is a rendering by John R. Deecken of a pitcher firing a ball to home plate. The reverse, by sculptor Marcel Jovine, combines the Olympic rings, olive branches, and stars and stripes with a bold USA. Uncirculated dollars minted at Denver have the phrase XXV OLYMPIAD impressed four times around the edge, alternately inverted, on a reeded background.

The obverse of the 1992 Olympic five-dollar gold was designed by James Sharpe, and modeled by T. James Ferrell. It depicts a sprinter in a burst of speed. The reverse, by James Peed, unites two impressive symbols, the Olympic rings and the American bald eagle. Size and fineness of these coins is the same as for other United States gold and silver issues of these denominations.

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