Nova Constellatio Patterns

These Nova Constellatio pieces undoubtedly represent the first patterns for a coinage of the United States. They were designed by Benjamin Dudley for Gouverneur Morris to carry out his ideas for a decimal coinage system. The 1,000-unit designation he called a mark, the 500 a quint. These denominations, together with the small 100-unit piece, were designed to standardize the many different coin values among the several states. These pattern pieces represent the first attempt at a decimal ratio, and were the forerunners of our present system of money values. Neither the proposed denominations nor the coins advanced beyond the pattern stage. These unique pieces are all dated 1783. There are two types of the quint. The copper “five” was first brought to the attention of collectors in 1980. Electrotypes exist.

Nova Constellatio Patterns
Nova Constellatio Patterns

Nova Constellatio Patterns

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