Liberty Cap (1793 - 1796)

Another major change was made in 1793 to satisfy continuing objections to the obverse portrait. This version appears to have been more popular, as it was continued into 1796. The 1793 pieces had beaded borders, but a border of denticles (or “teeth”) was adopted in 1794. A famous 1794 variety is the probably whimsical “starred” reverse, with a border of 94 tiny, five-pointed stars among the denticles.

Portrait variations listed for 1794 are the result of several changes of die engravers. The so-called Jefferson Head of 1795 is now thought to be a sample for a proposed coinage contract by a private manufacturer, John Harper.

Planchets became too thin for edge lettering after the weight reduction ordered in late 1795. The variety with reeded edge was probably an experimental substitute, rejected in favor of a plain edge.

Liberty Cap (1793 - 1796)
1793 - 1796

Liberty Cap (1793 - 1796)

Coin Attributes

  • Description: thick planchet
    Design Years: 1793 - 1795
    Designer: Joseph Wright
    Weight: 13.480 grams
    Diameter:29 mm
    • 1.0000 copper
    Edge: ONE HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR followed by a single leaf
  • Description: thin planchet
    Design Years: 1795 - 1796
    Designer: John Smith Gardner
    Weight: 10.890 grams
    Diameter:29 mm
    • 1.0000 copper
    Edge: plain
Grade Price Guide
  • Description
  • Mintage
  • AG-3 About Good. About Good.
  • G-4 Good. Good.
  • VG-8 Very Good. Very Good.
  • F-12 Fine. Fine.
  • VF-20 Very Fine. Very Fine.
  • EF-40 Extremely Fine. Extremely Fine.
  • AU-50 About Uncirculated. About Uncirculated.
  • MS-60BN Mint State. Mint State.
  • MS-63BN Mint State. Mint State.
  • 1794
  • 918,521
    • 1795, Plain Edge

      1795, Plain Edge

      Large Cents Liberty Cap (1793 - 1796) 1795, Plain Edge
      Head of 1795 (1794 - 1796) Head in low relief; no hook on lowest curl
      Large Cents Liberty Cap (1793 - 1796) 1795, Plain Edge
      Large Cents Liberty Cap (1793 - 1796) 1795, Plain Edge
    • 501,500
    • 150
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