Georgvs Triumpho Token

Coins and tokens in this interesting series dated from 1783 to 1795 bear the portrait of George Washington. The likenesses in most instances were faithfully reproduced and were designed to honor the first president. Many of these pieces were of English origin and were made later than their dates indicate.
The legends generally signify a strong unity among the states and the marked display of patriotism that pervaded the new nation during that period. We find among these tokens an employment of what were soon to become the nation’s official coin devices, namely, the American eagle, the United States shield, and stars. The denomination ONE CENT is used in several instances, while on some of the English pieces HALFPENNY will be found. Several of these pieces were private patterns for proposed coinage contracts.

Georgvs Triumpho Token
Georgvs Triumpho Token

Georgvs Triumpho Token

Although the head shown on this token bears a strong resemblance to that on some coins of George III, many collectors consider the Georgivs Triumpho (“Triumphant George”) a token intended to commemorate America’s victory in the Revolutionary War.

The reverse side shows the Goddess of Liberty behind a framework of 13 bars and fleurs-de-lis. Holding an olive branch in her right hand and staff of liberty in her left, she is partially encircled by the words VOCE POPOLI (“By the Voice of the People”) 1783.

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