Feuchtwanger Tokens (1837 - 1864)

Lewis Feuchtwanger produced a metal that was really a variety of German silver consisting of nickel, copper, and some zinc. He suggested to Congress as early as 1837 that his metal be substituted for copper, and he made one-cent and three-cent trial pieces that circulated freely during the coin shortage of 1836 through 1844.

Feuchtwanger Tokens (1837 - 1864)
1837 - 1864

Feuchtwanger Tokens (1837 - 1864)

Grade Price Guide
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  • Mintage
  • VF V. Fine. V. Fine.
  • EF E. Fine. E. Fine.
  • AU A. Unc.. A. Unc..
  • Unc. Unc.. Unc..
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