Western States Souvenir Gold

Small souvenir California gold pieces were made by several manufacturers in the early 20th century. A series of 36 pieces, in the size of 25?, 50?, and $1 coins, was made by the M.E. Hart Company of San Francisco to honor Alaska and various Western states. The Hart Company also marketed the official commemorative Panama-Pacific gold coins from the 1915 Exposition and manufactured plush copper cases for them. Similar cases were acquired by Farran Zerbe, who mounted 15 complete sets of what he termed “Coins of the Golden West.” Intact, framed 36-piece sets are rare; individual specimens are among the most popular of all souvenir pieces of that era.

Western States Souvenir Gold
Western States Souvenir Gold

Western States Souvenir Gold

Grade Price Guide
  • Description
  • Mintage
  • AU A. Unc.. A. Unc..
  • MS-63 Choice Uncirculated. Choice Uncirculated.
  • (1849) TEN D.
    • 1897
      • 1898
        • 1900
          • 1909
            • 1911
              • 1914
                • 1915
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