Uncirculated Mint Sets

Official Uncirculated Mint sets are specially packaged by the government for sale to collectors. They contain Uncirculated specimens of each year’s coins for every denomination issued from each mint. In previous years, the coins were the same as those normally intended for circulation and were not minted with any special consideration for quality. From 2005 through 2010, Mint sets were made with a satin finish rather than the traditional Uncirculated luster. As in the past, coins struck only as Proofs are not included.

Uncirculated Mint sets sold by the Treasury from 1947 through 1958 contained two examples of each regular-issue coin. These were packaged in cardboard holders that did not protect the coins from tarnish. Nicely preserved early sets generally command a 10 to 20% premium above listed values. No official Uncirculated Mint sets were produced in 1950, 1982, or 1983.

Since 1959, sets have been sealed in protective plastic envelopes. In 1965, 1966, and 1967, Special Mint Sets of higher-than-normal quality were made to substitute for Proof sets, which were not made during that period. Similar sets dated 1964 are reported to exist. The 1966 and 1967 sets were packaged in hard plastic holders.

Privately assembled Mint sets, and Souvenir sets produced for sale at the Philadelphia or Denver mints or for special occasions, are valued according to the individual pieces they contain. Only the official, government-sealed full sets are included in the following list.

Current-year sets may be ordered by telephoning 1-800-USA-MINT.

Uncirculated Mint Sets
Uncirculated Mint Set Values

Uncirculated Mint Set Values

Grade Price Guide
  • Description
  • Mintage
  • Face Value Face Value. Face Value.
  • Issue Price Issue Price. Issue Price.
  • Current Value Current Value. Current Value.
  • 1970
  • 2,038,134
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