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About Whitman Publishing Whitman Publishing is the leading producer of numismatic reference books, supplies, and products to display and store coins and paper money. Our high-quality books educate readers in the rich, colorful history of American and world coinage, paper currency, tokens, and medals, and teach how to build great collections. Archival-quality Whitman folders, albums, cases, and other holders assist in keeping collectibles safe and allow them to be shown off to friends and family. Whitman is also the home of H.E. Harris postage stamp collecting supplies, including: albums, supplements, kits, books, and more.

Our Products Whitman Publishing has been in the numismatic and philatelic publishing field for almost 90 years. Our flagship titles have been the “Bibles” of the hobby since 1942 (the Blue Book) and 1946 (the Red Book). Whitman’s coin boards, folders, and albums have organized and displayed hundreds of thousands of coin collections for generations. Today we continue this long tradition with new products and publications, and the same dedication to accuracy, quality, innovations, and solid research. We design our products to appeal to all collectors for their personal collections or to be given as gifts to all ages.

Our Customers Whitman Publishing strives to meet the needs of our customers. Our customers range from the new collector just entering the hobby to advanced collectors with years of experience. Our team has a mission to maintain life-long, valuable relationships with our customers to deliver value-added service with the highest level of quality.


Whitman Publishing Today

When it comes to collectibles, Whitman Publishing sets the quality standard.

We offer over 200 active titles in coin collecting, stamp collecting, sports, and other specialty books, as well as all the top-quality supplies that novice or experienced hobbyists need to preserve, catalog, and display their collection. In fact, Whitman is recognized as the official supplier of the American Numismatic Association.

Our Guide Book of United States Coins, published since 1946, is the trusted source for coin valuation and market information. Known as the iconic “Red Book,” the publication of each year’s new edition is highly anticipated among coin collectors and is the top-selling numismatic title. To date, more than 24 million copies have been printed.

Other popular Whitman titles include the Handbook of United States Coins (the “Blue Book), the “Mega Red” deluxe expanded edition of the Guide Book of United States Coins, the Guide Book of United States Paper Money, the Official ANA Grading Standards for United States Coins, and the Bowers series of guidebooks on individual coin types—and our library is always growing!

Along with publishing, Whitman also hosts three annual Coin & Collectibles Expos in Baltimore, Maryland. Over 1,000 national and international dealers of coins, currency, stamps, postcards, fossils, gems, antique books, and more gather at this industry-leading expo, making it the go-to spot for collectors of all stripes to discover new treasures to add to their collections.

Find out more about the Whitman Coins & Collectibles Expo or learn more about becoming an American Numismatics Association member.

Whitman Publishing History

The story of Whitman Publishing and its iconic “Red Book” and “Blue Book” begins more than 80 years ago, with one coin collecting enthusiast and a simple set of coin boards. Western Publishing Company hired Richard S. Yeoman as a commercial artist in 1932. One of Western’s companies was Whitman Publishing Company, which specialized in children’s books, puzzles, and greeting cards.

A coin collector himself, Yeoman became interested in the new coin boards his company produced and helped redesign them, add new titles for other coin denominations, and create an extensive sales network. He helped advance the hobby of coin collecting among the general public by bringing novice collectors a simple, inexpensive method of storing and cataloging their coins. Yeoman also compiled information on the coin collecting market and current values, as he believed a book with this information would provide an incentive for collectors seeking rare coins.

Handbook of United States Coins: The Official Blue Book of U.S. Coins was first published in 1942. Then and now, the “Blue Book” has served as a go-to source of information on coin history and pricing for dealers buying and selling coins.In 1946, a second book, A Guide Book of United States Coins: The Official Red Book of U.S. Coins—the “Red Book”—was published to provide collectors with pricing information for buying and selling coins to dealers. These definitive pricing guides are still the industry standard.

In 1959, Western hired Kenneth Bressett, who helped Yeoman write and edit numismatic books. They created over 300 coin collecting books and products for the hobby, working together until Yeoman’s retirement in 1970. Bressett continues to edit the Red Book and Blue Book for Whitman Publishing, in addition to consulting on other titles.

Whitman Publishing has changed ownership a number of times over the years but has continued producing coin collecting books and supplies. After consolidating with fellow numismatic supply company H.E. Harris in 2003, Whitman now features three distinct product lines—Whitman, H.E. Harris, and the U.S. Mint— with coin supplies and accessories to meet any collector’s needs.

Whitman hired renowned author and numismatist Q. David Bowers as its Director of Numismatic Publications in 2003 and under his stewardship has developed the Guide Book series. Each book focuses on a specific denomination or design series and provides a complete history of the coins and an extensive price guide.

Whitman’s Coin & Collectibles Expo is in its 47th year and has grown to be a leading event nationwide for dealers and collectors.

Whitman Publishing’s books and accessories can be purchased through major hobby distributors, dealers, and national accounts, as well as through