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Q. David Bowers brings his signature recipe of historical narrative, market analysis, and valuable advice for collectors and investors to the latest volume in Whitman’s popular and award-winning Bowers Series. The Guide Book of Gold Eagle Coins covers the United States’ golden $10 coins minted from the 1790s to 1933. These include some of the Philadelphia Mint’s earliest coinage, the famed Turban Head eagles of 1795 to 1804; the long-running series of Liberty Head eagles, minted for nearly 70 years from the 1830s to the early 1900s; and the innovative Indian Head eagles of 1907 to 1933.

This full-color reference includes a chronicle of the nation’s $10 gold pieces; an inside look at mints and the minting process; discussion of Proofs; advice on collecting gold eagles; tips on how to be a smart buyer; full-color illustrations; a coin-by-coin study, with market values, auction results, and other data; a selected bibliography; and more—all written in Bowers’s engaging and informative style.

This is a one-of-a-kind guide for forming a high-quality collection of gold eagles, and is a must-have for any gold coin collector.


Foreword by Douglas Winter
Chapter 1: Overview of $10 Gold Coins
Chapter 2: Mints and Minting
Chapter 3: Proofs for Collectors
Chapter 4: Circulation and Distribution of Eagles
Chapter 5: Eagles on the Numismatic Scene
Chapter 6: Collecting $10 Gold Coins
Chapter 7: Using This Book to Understand the Market
Chapter 8: Early $10 Gold Coins, 1795–1804
Chapter 9: Liberty Head $10 Gold Coins, 1838–1907
Chapter 10: Indian Head $10 Gold Coins, 1907–1933
Appendix A: Mintage Totals of $10 Gold Goins
Appendix B: Selected Pricing Catalogs
Appendix C: Eagles in the National Numismatic Collection
Appendix D: $10 Gold Coins from Treasure Finds

448 pages • 6 x 9 inches • Softcover Full color

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