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It’s In Our Nature™ to cook and eat what we bring home from our days afield. More than just making memories with our families and friends, we strive to live by a code that ties us directly to nature and all it provides. This book is a collection of recipes provided by our Cabela’s Outfitters, or, what we fondly call our throng of employees who work to help our customers across these United States of America. Among these pages you will find more than 200 recipes and DIY tips on how to prepare your game, fish and other wild edibles, including:

• Venison Stir Fry — Treat your family to a fun and healthy venison meal with an Oriental twist;

• Bluegill Chowder — Turn a big catch of bluegills into a tasty meal;

• Chorizo-Stuffed Turkey Roulades — A stuffing made of Mexican chorizo and jalapenos adds a spicy kick to this easy smoked-turkey roll-up;

• Feta-Stuffed Pheasant — A creative and delicious way to cook wild-game birds;

• Venison Osso Buco — Low heat and a moist cooking environment turns the toughest cut of venison, the shank, into a tender, rich meal worthy of a special occasion;

• Smoked Fish Tacos — Turn any fish into a hearty Mexican dinner;

• Goose Prosciutto — Although the total time start to finish is about two weeks, curing your own prosciutto is easier than you might think.

• Smoked Venison Kielbasa — Once smoked, these delicious sausages can be eaten on a bun or sliced and added to pasta, soup, casseroles and more.

All these great recipes and hundreds more can be found in From Cabela’s® Kitchen Table!

200-288 pages • 8.5 x 11 inches

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