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The one guide you need for concealed carry gun law is here. this book covers carry laws nationwide, highlighting common points of law for each state and the District of Columbia, such that a reader should clearly understand how each jurisdiction differs.
Any concealed carry permit holder knows the laws for carrying a firearm vary from state to state. This book clears up any confusion associated with interstate travel or relocation. The opening chapters give a general overview or what to consider before obtaining a permit, how to interact with law enforcement when carrying a concealed weapon, gun handling and storage, and traveling with a firearm. The remaining pages of the book break down concealed carry laws by state. For each state, readers are informed as to whether or not permits are issued, what other states' permits are recognized within that state, what restrictions exist for owning firearms, selected excerpts from that state's actual gun law, and contact information for authorities within that state who can provide additional information. Each state is also given a letter grade and color ranking for an at-a-glance assessment of the leniency of that state's gun laws. Finally, there are some general parting words from the 2nd Amendment Media editors. If you are looking for an all-in-one reference for concealed carry gun law this is your comprehensive guide.

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